Saturday, February 20, 2016

Flesh without blood

Cap ∆ Nike
Hoodies White Jacket ∆ Uniqlo
Sport Bra ∆ Nike
Skirt ∆ Dresslink (Webpage)
Socks ∆ Uniqlo
Slip-ons ∆ Nike
Photos by Yubin
Taken together with Marc 

I know I was on a hiatus for a month... Plus... 
Honestly, I didn't deliberately go on a hiatus. If you're following me on my IG, @jessthegrrl, you would know that my laptop was stolen and I was waiting for the police for a month to get back to me in hopes of good news. Of cos, it was a total disappointment. That person that stole my laptop was so desperate. My laptop was 6 years old and the reselling price is just pathetic. 

Anyway, this is not a rant post, it's a post to tell you guys that I'm back with a new laptop and will continue to feed you with my evolving looks. Also, I'm glad to work with Dresslink again. Really appreciate their patience knowing that I will be delaying the blog post. 


I always love to work with aspiring and talented fashion photographers for my personal styling shoots. This time, I got to work with Yubin, a fashion photographer, as well as my friend, Marc, to be my partner-in-crime for all the shots. I paired Dresslink's tennis skirt with a sports bra, hoodie jacket, a pair of socks and slip-on sandals; a straight-up typical Health Goth styling that Marc gladly embodied with me. I have longed for a black tennis skirt and I'm glad to be able to get them from Dresslink. As usual, they provide an awesome price range for their products! Since it's a simple black tennis skirt, I'll be sure to wear them again and style it with other outfits and looks. 
Check out more on 
Free Shipping
$0.01 deals 


I'm a super big fan of Grimes, since her first debut. So here's one of my favourite songs, Flesh without Blood, to share with you guys! Enjoy!


  1. Super amazing pictures once again <3 everyone of them is so beautiful.
    Your outfit is so pretty too :D sandals <3

    Sorry to hear about your laptop!! :( that sucks

  2. awesome looks! happy to hear that you are back <3



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