Friday, August 29, 2014

Our Love

Pink Unicorn Crop Top ∆ H&M
Blazer ∆ Bershka (Find Similar Here)
Shoes ∆ Jeffrey Campbell (Find More)
Maxi Velvet Skirt ∆ Vintage (Find Similar Here)

This outfit was taken a few weeks ago. I started experimenting with flash photography that I normally hate most as it tends to project the worst of me like my skin, scars and etc. I mean, I'm not perfect so does everyone, but just that in photos I hope I look good without the need to Photoshop except the tones and moods that I want to express. I was feeling mellow that day (as well as today) so I wore all things black; black blazer on with my black maxi skirt and my black boots and beanie, except for my pink unicorn top which was the main focus. 

I call this outfit "Our Love" taken from the song title by Sharon Van Etten (do listen to the music attached below when reading). Simple reason is that my love with this great guy had come to an end earlier today. Typically, my blog is not something that I would like to rant about relationships and all, but just this one post that I would like to summarise everything up. 

Our journey began one and a half years ago. We started off as colleagues working together in the design industry and we shared similar interests. We became friends soon enough and pretty much hang out, sang and played the same kind of music, went to concerts and spent great times together. Eventually we got together and became lovers. Unknowingly as time goes by, we realised we have different goals in life. All those memories of our good times.. I'm starting to miss them. I really really do. Well my friends felt our love for each other was sweet and perfect but there were many faults in the dark zone that they will never see. Just like my outfit, my top is the main focus that takes all the attention away and not the black blazer nor the skirt. We had so much in common and so many things to share, but just the thought that we could not spend the rest of our lives together, I just feel really upset about it. Maybe the pain now is still fresh and I practically spent my whole day crying since yesterday. I guess eventually time will heal and we'll probably still be friends. Life has to go on and may the sunshines of tomorrow paint a smile on my face and no matter what I have to stay strong! 


  1. Aww sweetie... I'm so sorry to hear the news! I hope everything gets better real soon, and just remember, Time Heals all wounds. I think you need this more than I do... *offers a Huge bowl of Birthday Cake + your favourite Ice Cream* I lost my boyfriend just a month ago over a stupid argument that we had, and I get depressed over it every day just thinking about it. I wish he would give me a second chance... I still love him very much (not as much as I did with this other guy I had a crush on but wouldn't give me the time of day, but that jerk is for a whole other story...).

    I really like the quality and the feel for these pictures. It's very grungy but at the same time, you can just feel the deep and moody emotions coming out of these pics. I really do like the pink Unicorn crop and how it just stands out against the sea of black and how good it looks when paired with that beautiful maxi skirt. This reminds me of a moody 90's teenager who doesn't really get society and has a lot of dark emotions. Kinda like a grungy hipster if you will.

    I do have a question to ask about the first pic though. How did you get to look like that? Because I tried to do that in Photoshop with some of my past pics and the only options I have were to create a Motion Blur, a Gaussian Blur, or just a regular Blur.

    I'm here for you for these troubling times and if you ever need anything, let me know. *hugs*

    Tragic Couturist

    1. Hi Dear <3

      Thanks for your comfort <333 *Hugs*

      The break-up was not because we do not love each other but it was more like our difference in religion and the goals of what he wants to pursue in his religion and it is against what I love to do. It was over an argument that made him brought up his goals that he had been keeping and knowing how hard it was to bring it up when we were having good time. Deep down in my heart I hope that one day he would just miss me so much and come back to me. But yeah, for the mean time I got to chill and recover.

      I really do love the 90s fashion and mashing up hipster and grunge look!

      My effects are done using 2 photos with similar background and laying them together. I decrease the opacity of the image on the upper layer to 40% and clip it into a masking layer over the image at the bottom layer. Then I will erase the background from the upper layer so that there will not be any disruptive illusion at the background, thus getting this effect :) Do let me know if you need more help in photoshop editing :) <3

  2. Amazing blog, anda fantastic style!!!! I follow you


  3. These pictures are so cool Jessica! :)

  4. I have that exact top and I've worn it over a maxi before. Great minds think alike haha. I guess it's not too much of a coincidence since H&M is all over the place but when I saw the pictures I immediately recognized it and was grinning like an idiot (I've never understood people who hated others because they owned the same clothes). These photos are awesome as well. There is definitely a time and place for flash and you hit the nail right on the head with these shots.

    As far as relationships go, I think time definitely will heal all wounds. I don't really know the circumstances of your breakup and I don't know you personally but distractions are in order. You are definitely allowed to be sad and feel the things that you need to feel but don't pity yourself whatever you do. It only wastes time (and I've had enough self-loathing-after-breakup time to know). I am sending you my thoughts and some hypothetical ice cream, and if I knew you well, you'd bet i'd order you a pizza and tell them to draw some inappropriate things on the box.

    1. Hi Dear,

      That's great that we have the same top! I totally would not mind having the same top as others as everybody has their own freedom to buy the same thing and wear however they want it. As for us yeah we do have great minds that think alike! :D And I'm glad you love the shots!

      I believe it will heal but for now, at least he had given me a more define answer, so it's more like a cool down period and hopefully we can still continue on and even better than last time as it's not like we are no longer in love just some circumstances in life goals. Yeah it will be great to have pizzas now! And thank you for your comforting words <3

  5. I love your style :)

  6. I love your look ! Cool shoot !
    Saskia! xo

  7. I love the skirt so much, wish I could find something similar!

    I hope you're feeling a bit better now x

    1. Hi dear!
      I hope you can find similar skirts too! Probably try ?
      Yeah I'm feeling better now :) Thanks <3


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