Saturday, October 10, 2015


Long Plaid Shirt ∆ CNDirect (Webpage)
Sport Bra ∆ Nike
Short ∆ Nike
White Bucket Hat ∆ Stussy
Airforce 1 ∆ Nike
Photos by Chrystal

Recently, my posts have been getting lesser as I was sick for a week due to the nasty haze in Singapore and I'm currently in Bangkok for a holiday. And yes I'm blogging this while I am currently in Bangkok. So three-cheers for crazy shopping spree!

I'm glad to be able to work with CNDirect, an wholesale online store that is filled with endless cheap loots to satisfy your shopping craves. I matched their long plaid shirt with a full nike sport bra, shorts and airforce 1 shoes, giving the usual quirks which I had embodied. Still, full monochrome but who says we can't make it interesting?

Anyway, I'm glad to have know Kas from lookbook for more than a year ago. During his stay in Singapore, I got to hangout and do couple of shoots with him. It's was all fun and awesome! Love hanging with this awesome pal of mine! His now back to Amsterdam and hopefully he will be back to Singapore soon in Jan to hang out again! 

I happened to chance by Liberation by Harold van Lennep and was intrigued by the meaning of this song. Hope this song inspires you too!


  1. I'm in love with this outfit! :)

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  4. really really nice pics :)

  5. I love how the crop top looks with the oversized clothes <3 so cool

    have a lovely trip!!! :) <3

  6. The photos are so beautiful *o*

  7. both of you have really awesome street style! following you:)

  8. great look! you make street style so much more awesome <3



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