Monday, February 29, 2016

We just wished

Cap ∆ Nike
Turtle Neck Pullover ∆ Shein
Skirt ∆ Dresslink (Webpage)
Socks ∆ Uniqlo
Shoes ∆ Nike
Photos by Kara

Recently, I have a thing for turtle neck tops and dresses. They're best for the rainy period of the year, which is the coolest Singapore gets with the lack of four seasons. That's definitely my excuse to snuggle in this cosy pullover by Sheinkeeping that usual minimalistic monochromic styling. I matched my top with a pleated tennis skirt (as seen on my previous post), and keep it cool and chill with a pair of sneakers.

Just some updates: I have left my previous job at Rockstar Singapore and I'm currently with Goodvine Pte Ltd as a Brand Manager for Tocco Tenero bags. It's been a month since I started working and I'm still trying my best to cope with the workload. Hopefully I can pull through and all things will go well.

But of course, not everything was going well. Bad luck has hit me really hard. In my previous post, I mentioned that I had lost my laptop. Now I also have a broken tooth, lost my nike cap (shown in this post) and yes my wallet (it's stolen) which means I lost my identity card too. Honestly, I have never lost anything major throughout my life. So it's some weird ass shit that I've kept losing my shit since December 2015. Seriously, for the first few things that I lost, it was kind of funny. But not anymore with my IC went missing! It's like a wake up call that shit's getting real. I hope this will stop. Like PLEASE!

As usual, I love to share intriguing songs that I have discovered. Recently, I found Deja Mae an electric indie artist with her new EP Sloan. My current favourite song is "We just wished"! Do listen to Deja Mae and let me know which is/are your favourite!


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