Saturday, January 9, 2016


Tee ∆
Jacket ∆ Obey
Hat ∆ Topshop
bag ∆ Adidas
Socks ∆ Adidas
Shoes ∆ Jeffrey Campbell
Photos by Angeline had sent me their whole collection and I seriously couldn't get enough of their awesome apparels! Their tee and sweaters are so comfortable! In this outfit, I decided to go for a more casual dressing with just an oversized tee with a pair of shorts. I enhanced up the look with a pair of quirky platforms sandals, a pair of high socks, beanie, and a bomber jacket. As usual, it's grunge and health goth. Just the right amount of styling for a street goth outfit.

Currently, I'm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; I'm having a stupendous time here. It's just a short getaway of 3 days 2 nights; a last minute unplanned trip. Though it's unplanned, I was able to get a friend from Singapore to join me at the later part of my first day. As I was alone for the whole of my first day, I got to meet new friends at my apartment, by the pool; we conversed for hours and I left with a new acquaintance. 
In addition, my very hospitable Airbnb host from Regalia Hotel Residence brought me around the neighbourhood and gave me a lunch treat! 

Honestly, I am super lucky that my friends from KL are able to meet up even though I was being super last minute. They made time for me and drove me around the city and have been making my short stay here enjoyable!

It's a new year and I am glad that society is gradually leaning to the acceptance of the LGBT community! It's reassuring to know that some countries and cities have legalised same sex marriage. Looking at the LGBT community's journey of the fight for freedom thus far, I am proud of the standing point that the community has reached. Moreover, many artists have used different means of arts to raise the awareness of the LGBT community. 

Here's one of my favourite band, Smoke Season, who just dropped their new single, Loose, last month, showing the struggle of being gay. Hope you enjoy the song!

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