Saturday, August 23, 2014

Apple Pie Bed

Sweater ∆ Vans
Black Joni Jeans ∆ Topshop
Shoes ∆ Sperry
Bag ∆ Lowry's Farm (Other bags that they have)
Fake glasses ∆ Grandchild (A local boutique that I used to work in as a part timer during school days) 

Just a quick post today.
This outfit was taken a few weeks ago by my bestie Charm on one of my sloppy days. I looked really bare and pale without makeup like a zombie, aannnnndddd IIIII nneeeeeddd BBBRRAAAIINNNNNS. I was really sleepy, like literally I could just concuss and sleep on the streets.

Anyways I'm currently sorting out all my old design works that I had done during school days and previous jobs. Just feel like taking a break from all my messy files that caused my external hard disk to hang like now, so I decided to make this post. Hopefully I am able to finish all my editing and upload them on an extended portfolio showcase website by next week! Stay tuned!

For a dreamy day, here's a dreamy song to share by Lawrence Arabia, Apple Pie Bed. 
Let me know how you feel about my sloppy outfit! I know it's really different from my usual outfits.


  1. that sweather looks so comfy omg, haha! oh maybe u want to follow me back on instagram? and btw, u totally have a new subscriber, lol

    also go check out my blog as well -

    1. Hi dear! thanks! yeah the sweater is real comfy hahah I can just sleep in them anytime haha!
      Yeah sure! :)

  2. I love the aztec print of your outfit. Lovely :)

  3. Silly goose! that outfit doesn't look sloppy to me! You still look great despite not getting enough sleep and wanting to eat people brains for breakfast! Perhaps some tea or coffee to brighten those tired eyes and lift your spirits?

    I really like the granny sweater that you're wearing! For some reason this look and this wooden paneling reminds me of something that I would find in a TNA Catalogue. It's very ironic and hipster looking but at the same time its cozy and one-of-a-kind! Hope you have a wonderful day sunshine!

    Tragic Couturist

    1. Hahaha was really sleepy that day! Thanks for your advices!!!
      I love tea, guess I will drink more tea!
      Awwww thanks <3 Glad that you like my looks too ^^ Yeah I really do love hipster's look :)

  4. love this look!

    from helen at // blog sale

    ps. enter my £300 rayban and beauty goodies giveaway! click here.

  5. I really love the jumper you have on as well as the wood wall in the back. Everything about this photoset reminds me of fall weather.


    1. Awww thanks dear, thats so sweet of you :)


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