Wednesday, July 13, 2016

RUN - []

Top ∆ Vintage
Jeans ∆ Zaful
Shades ∆ Zaful
Shoes ∆ Dr Martens
Photos by Eugene

Hey guys, I know it's been about 3 months since I last blogged. I know I've said it time and time again so let me just say for the final time that I've been really busy. I've been swamped with being the full time brand manager for the brand Tocco Tenero (which recently had a launch party to celebrate the collaboration between us and TOFU-Oyako, with their characters on our bags), freelancing as a photographer (whenever I'm free), assisting in the styling for a music video by Yakamoto Kotzuga, as well as taking up piano and DJ classes.  Nonetheless, I'm very glad to be able to work with and other brands who are very supportive of my work and I.

It's summer 365 days in Singapore but that does not stop me from dressing up. The temperature recently shot up to a crazy 35 degrees but the heat feels as if it's at 40 degrees. Madness, right? To kind of chill out a little, why not add some hippie vibes onto my outfit with a pair of bell bottom jeans that are thin and comfy; just right for this weather, and an oversized sheer vintage top that I have owned since I was 18. Since the weather is excruciatingly hot and bright, I've got new pink marble shades to protect myself from those piercing UV rays. 

Let's enjoy the summer vibes a little while longer (which I'm pretty sick of to be honest) with a cheerful summer beat song, Run by Tourist.


  1. LOVING how this look is completely different from your usual looks, but still so jessthegrrl??? Your schedule sounds swamped, omg, but I hope things work out well for you, Jess. Also, summer vibes can basically eff off -- I feel you, girl.


  2. You are so lucky to be a manager, I'm also very busy this days because of long holidays a lot of guest in the hotel. Anyways i love your creative photos and you look so fab in your outfit ^^


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