/dʒɛs - ðə;ðɪ - grrl/

A pun made from Just The Girl by replacing "Just" with "Jess" to represent myself and replacing a typical "Girl" with "Grrl", a purring sound made by a tiger that represent fierce, as I'm is a girl who possesses attitude in terms of personality, preference and dressing.

About me

Jessica Ho

I blog about fashion styling, music inspiration and art appreciation. I feel that fashion is a form of living art. Just like a painter painting their thoughts and emotions in a canvas, a musician penning down their thoughts and emotions into beautiful melody and etc, I feel that styling is a daily self expression of my thoughts and emotions. As a creative creed, I believe that fashion styling has to be accompanied by music and art piece to set the tone and mood of contemporary art.

I have always love street fashion, music and arts. Since I was a teenager, I’m known to have possessed a unique (or weird which I had kind of embrace it for years) personality from inside out. However, I had never thought of doing a blog as I do not have the courage and confidence. I always thought that I'm imperfect. Little did I know that imperfections are a beauty in life! 

I've built a career on graphic design after graduating from art school. After being in the industry for 3 years, I start to rethink on what I’m seriously passionate on. That's how the birth of my blog as an internet girl came about. I share my personal fashion styling, subculture and art appreciation.

Currently, I'm a Brand Manager for @toccotenero and a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. As a creative creed, I'm currently aspired to learn Dj-ing, keyboard and music production. I used to sing and learnt basic drumming skills. In life, I just could not stop feeding my creative needs.

I'm a dreamer, consisting of both daydreaming and seriously dreaming for my future. I want to be a celebrity stylist! Seems outrageous but who cares about what others think? It's my dream and as long as I know that I had given my all that will do!

My blog to includes
∆ Majority on personal fashion styling featuring street looks of 80s, 90s, pastel goth, street goth, boho, minimalist and urban.
∆ Sharing of music that are usually indie and occasional interviews of indie artists.
∆ Art galleries, events and personal artwork (illustrations and stuff in future).

Quote by me

"It's ok to be weird and different. At least you are true to yourself."


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