Friday, November 27, 2015

Idea of Happiness

Hoodies sweater ∆
Shorts ∆ Rockstar Singapore
Shades ∆ Dresslink
Socks ∆ Adidas
Shoes ∆ TUK
Photos by Angeline

Literally, nothing beats a sweater weather for me even under a 30ยบ hot sunny city in Singapore. Well, my friends and colleagues were all cringing just by looking at me and telling me how they would sweat like a dog in it. Well, I'm lucky that I do not sweat that easily!

I love this sweater as they are really comfortable and who doesn't like hoodies? 
Keeping things casual, I wore my sweater with a pair of white short culottes and match them with high socks and my favourite pair of creepers. Yes to creepers as I will never outgrow my 90s era! Oh! And I wore this dope shades as the sun was just too bright for my eyes to handle.

As you guys may have known, there were quite a few tragic scenarios occurring in different part of the world during Friday, the 13th, especially the Paris bombing incident that even Facebook is stepping up to create an awareness. Well, I know it's been a few weeks ago but it hits me in a way on how the society in different parts of the world perceive the idea of happiness, peace, justice, righteous and etc. I believed that it all started out with good intentions, then somehow when their goals are not attained, things starts to get twisted. I got to say that I am lucky to be born in Singapore, a country with high security. Still, it's tragic to see other innocent people from other parts of the world are suffering from civil wars, terrorists and etc, which can happen on a daily basis. It's really traumatising to be living in such condition. Honestly, I wish such wars will cease and allow these innocents victims to live a proper life.

Here's one of my favourite song by Van She, Idea of Happiness. Enjoy!


  1. Cool hoodie :)
    Maria V.


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