Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Singlet ∆
Blazer ∆ Own by Mich
Bucket Hat ∆ Modparade
Socks ∆ AdidasShoes ∆ TUK
Photos by Mich

I'm faced with dilemma when choosing these whole lot of photos. It's a good problem as each photo contains so much feels in them. That's because the weather is windy and my friend is an awesome photographer even with just a default lens of mine canon DSLR.

This was an impromptu styling. Initially, I only have my singlet as a dress. Mich decided to borrow her blazer to me. I swear it goes really well with what I had. Keeping the same 90s street style, I added a pair of banana creepers and babygirl statement bucket hat to give it a twist of quirk. 

I'm very thankful to to send me a whole collection of apparels all the way from Taiwan! They are simple yet cool for any occasion! For my upcoming posts, I will be featuring all different apparels from them! Enjoy!

With such a "FEEL" post, here's a "FEELS MUCH" song by St. South, Cadence. Enjoy it!


  1. cool outfit! you look dope!

  2. I'm always excited to see your new pictures :D they are always soo beautiful!! <3
    Love those creepers <3

  3. u look amazing! love this outfit! x


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