Monday, June 1, 2015

Dead Fox

Black Pulse Ring ∆ THE YUB (Mobile site | Apps Store | Google Play Store
Creepers ∆ TUK
Bag ∆ Topshop
Photos by Sopida

As promised from my previous post, here's more of THE YUB apparel! Given the liberty to choose the apparel, I've gotten the WHATEVER beanie, stripe skirt and black zig-zag ring and styled it like a rebellious 90s cool kid. The beanie is full-on swag mode on my lilac hair and the black Nike men's tee that I had gotten at a warehouse sale complements well with the stripe skirt giving it a great contrast. I certainly can't go without a bag and a pair of creepers to complete the look. 

"Cool kids, hanging out and loitering around the school premises. Creating fun out of the silliest little things around them. Young, free and wild. They made risks an addiction and couldn't care less about the troubles that they were getting into. Some made a wrong turn, and things got out of hand. As shit gets real and things gets heated up, the tension of fear and thrill of being caught built up. Lucky sinners got away. And then again detention was served to those that were caught. And the thrill of the cool kids goes again like a cycle."

Anyway here's an image of me laughing away when I broke the cartons of boxes as I was too heavy.

Just like a rebel, the vicious fox from the music video of one of my favourite singer, Courtney Barnett, Dead Fox, best represents what a bad kid could do and the consequences for their mischief. Hope you enjoy the song!


  1. Amazing style... Love the minimalist vibe with the architecture. The photographs are great! Gorgeous shoes and glasses <3


  2. cool edgy look! cool photos!

  3. This is so rad!

  4. Jess, YOU LOOK SO COOL. I feel like such a granny in comparison, haha! I love all the photos, and the look you're wearing is ugh. THOSE SUNNIES.

    May x •

  5. Love this skirt. Great pics. xx


  6. I love the way you styled everything! That skirt is to die for! Also, the picture with the boxes is so funny lol. You look great! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  7. As always your outfits are on point! It such a diferent and cool style!

  8. such a damn cool look

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  9. i love youre style, just wow you are amazing ;)

  10. such a great shoot. I love your vibe <3



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