Monday, May 25, 2015


Black Pulse Ring ∆ THE YUB (Mobile site | Apps Store | Google Play Store
Sandals ∆ Urban Outfitters
Bomber Jacker ∆ Obey
Photos by Kenny

Thanks to THE YUB, I've gotten this cute oversized baseball dress and the black ring along with more apparel (that will be up soon on the next post!). If you haven't heard about THE YUB, they provide really affordable streetwear apparel that can be easily accessed either via desktop site or mobile site and you can even download their app (Apps Store | Google Play Store) to enjoy the convenient shopping experience! 

I think I'm an alien, so I decided to be myself and have this quirky hairstyle along with the baseball dress and an oversized bomber jacket. Well since the weather is so damn hot, I can't help but to cheat my outfit a little to feel comfortable by putting on a pair of socks and match it with my favourite sandals.

So it's summer (even though in Singapore it's 365 days of summer, we still experience a slightly cooler days during the "winter") and I'm tired with my overgrown roots and brassy gold hair. I decided to get rid of my blonde by adding in a tinge of purple or to be exact, lilac. Yes, I know the trend is in for that granny hair colour. Well I would definitely want to have that, but sadly, I could not find the right toner that I can get off the shelf. Even if I were to do it in the salon, it will definitely going to cost me a bomb and it will fade off to this brassy blonde again. Lilac is much more easier to maintain as I can pretty much buy the lilac dye off the racks with brands like Manic Panic or Directions. 

Before adding on all these crazy pastel tones, there is always a need to protect you hair and getting the right tone of blonde. Recently, I got in touch with Madison Reed and got to learn that they provide permanent yet very affordable hair dye that's of salon quality. It will not sacrifice your hair quality to achieve those vibrant tones that you need. If you want to have healthy hair, especially when you are one of those people, like me, who their hair dyed frequently, you've got to check out their hair dye selections! Below is a chart for you to get the right tones and swing your hair under the summer rays!

Niall Galvin aka Only Real is now my current greatest love! I'm seriously like a fan girl of his songs. It's so dope with all those laidback hiphop muse. Here's one of his hits, Yesterdays.


  1. cool look!

  2. I love your look and your hairstyle is super cool x

  3. I really like your photos !

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  4. I love your hair! It is so cute in the mini buns <3


  5. You pull off such sporty looks, and I swear you're the only one know can rock that hairstyle like nobody's business. ahh, loved the look!

    May x • The MaydenBloglovin'

  6. Your style is so on point! Your hair is so lovely btw :D

  7. Love this! so rad

  8. loove your look, so skate so street ;)))

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  9. I love your style! ;A; This is such a cool outfit *u*
    Thank you for sharing!
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

  10. Cool as usual <3

  11. so damn cool, love it

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  12. Very cool casual outfit!

    Lu |


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