Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Too Much Time Together

Top ∆ H&M
Boyfriend Jeans ∆ Levi's
Creepers ∆ TUK
Accessories ∆ From Bali, Bangkok street market, Party shops in Singapore and Hand-made from friends
Photos by Emilia

Feeling the rave from the summer heat, I decided to throw in some pastel shades. Honestly, I'm not a sweet tooth and I do not fancy cupcakes. However, I love adorable stuff and cupcakes are just adorable. That means if I can I would rather just display the cupcakes on the shelves instead of eating them! Well that can never happen (for a real cupcake) so let me be more realistic and have a tee printed with cupcakes instead. Keeping it simple for the average 32ÂșC hot summer in Singapore, I matched my cropped top with a pair of ripped boyfriend denim jeans and of cos, creepers! Since I'm short (also thanks to that messy topknot that I had), it gave the illusion that I'm taller (I hope).

I have always been a fan of San Cisco and had watched them live before. Gosh they are just so adorable! Anyways here's one of my favourite song from their latest album, Too Much Time Together.


  1. I love how quirky you are, ahh. I'm like you -- I'd rather display cupcakes than eat them, haha. Loving your ripped jeans and creepers!

    May x • The MaydenBloglovin'

  2. so fun and cute!


  3. gwaaaa *u*
    Im especially loving your make-up here
    and the platform creepers. Gosh!!
    Must you always look so good??? T^T

  4. Love your style & the set of these pics!

  5. Your outfits will forever be rad! Whenever I see you on my instagram, I'd be clicking your name, stalking... haha!

    Patricia Javier | www.patriciasjavier.com

  6. Your style is so so on point!!


  7. You are so sassy and sporty chic…I love it!!!!

    adorn la femme

  8. I looove your shirt it´s so cool x3

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  9. Totally love this look and San Cisco! Wish I could rock creepers too :(

    Arianne | clocheflame.net


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