Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Room of Her Own with Sammy Icon

White Cardigan ∆ Vintage (Find Similar Here)
Acid washed denim shirt ∆ Vintage (Find Similar Here)
Kimono ∆ H&M 
Shoes ∆ The Editor's Market (To browse their online store) or (Find Similar Here)
Photos by Amirul

Continuing to feature more Sammy Icon's socks, today I had Swallow Grey Socks on and pairing them with a chunky platform hologram sandals. Since the colour tone of the socks are more subtle, I wore an acid washed denim and a white lace cardigan to match them. As a whole, it gives a light gentle look in an urban city.

Girls being girls, we are more vain, like myself, I could never go out of my house without giving my eyebrows a darker shade, drawing my eyeliner, adding some tone to my lips and of cos the basic coverage like BB cream. However, that does not stop us from the craves of the rising technology and be attracted to different kinds of gaming devices created. I got to admit that I am kind of a gamer, ok not those crazy types but still I would spend hundreds on purchasing game accessories, add-on perks (like those in app-purchases for mobile games), online games, consoles, playing in a LAN-gaming shop and so on. Funny thing is when we girls said that we love gaming, guys love to associate us with cute games. Seriously, BITCH PLEASE! I think I would prefer killing zombies like Left 4 Dead or maybe multi-player games like DOTA, LOL, WOW and so on, but nowadays, due to commitment, I do not really play online games. Well times have changed so do not underestimate girls. As pretty or sweet as they may look, in a room on her own, she may be killing zombies like a boss!

Here's a song that I stumbled upon while writing this post. It's A Room of Her Room by Like Swimming. I mean, the title totally fits my image. 


  1. Loving the shoes and shirt! x Kimono's are really making their way this season im obsessed ♡

  2. Great style! Love the shoes

  3. Love those shoes!

  4. l absolutely fell in love with your blog, following you!<3
    Make sure you also check out my blog and follow me as well.


  5. So cute! We love the way you've styled the jacket. We could never pull this look off

    M + K

  6. The shoes are amazing! love this


  7. Great look, last photo is so cool!
    I love the socks and shoes !


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