Monday, August 11, 2014

Thrift Store Metaphor

Beanie ∆ Vans
Top ∆ Vans (You may like)
Jacket ∆ Shana (FInd Similar Here)
legging ∆ Unlabelled (Find Similar Here)
Shoes ∆ Ted Baker (Find Similar Here)

I definitely looked like I just got out of the thrift store! Ok. Maybe cooler than that. I guess?
I'm glad that today's weather had gotten cooler from that intense rain overnight! Finally, I am able to put on jacket and need not worry to get messy with sweat all over the place. Since the weather is comfortable, I decided to get comfy with my dressing too. I wore a legging and boots with a mens' top, that I just could not resist from a warehouse sale. Not forgetting my main apparel, an easygoing army jacket that can pretty much match with anything. To make myself feel more comfy, I slipped on a beanie. Secretly covering up all those messy fizzy hair that I have. Well, it's not initial intention, but I just got the vibe of a thrift store girl! It's kind of cool since there aren't much thrift stores around Singapore.

It's a simple evening. I had dinner with my boyfriend and later some ice-cream. Did some shopping at the nearby malls and ended at Starbucks where we both played games on our phones and chat about random things. Just one of those good old days that we live things slow, reminiscing on how great if life can just goes on this way before Monday steps in with hectic workloads.

Well, talking about my "thrifted" look, I stumbled upon this song by Bacchanal Party. Enjoy some Thrift Store Metaphor!


  1. super cool shirt! it´s really weird,singapore has 1232132 shops but I haven´t even seen 1 vintage shop! xx

    1. Yeap I get what you mean totally!!! there is this really cool thrift shop but so far there is just only one. How I wish there are more of such vintage shops insteads of those typical flea markets :)

  2. I really like this outfit! It's very trendy and Hipster at the same time and your tote bag is really pretty too! I love the little quote that is printed on there! This outfit is very inspiring to me and I love it when people mix and match their patterns really well and it ends looking just as amazing as this!

    As much as the song would be awesome to listen to, I unfortunately don't get sportify where I live (it's like they have a HUGE discrimination against my country or something! :( ) But yeah If it's also available on Youtube I'll give it a listen sometime! But seeing as how stylish you are, I'm sure you have amazing tastes in music anyways! I'm glad to have stumbled on your blog! Have a good day!

    Tiffany | Tragic Couturist

    1. Hi Tiffany!

      Thank you for your great comments and I really glad that I can inspired you with my outfit! :)

      I had tried to search this song in youtube (which I had usually shared) but sadly I could not find it. Hopefully this new band would release this song in youtube as it has this cheerful rhythm in them that pretty much cheered up my day and I hope it will add more colours to your day too!



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