Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cool Kids

Beanie ∆ Topshop
Top ∆ Uniqlo (Find Similar Here)
Sock ∆ Unlabelled (Find Similar Here)
Shoes ∆ Keds

Another casual day for me with a tinge of "Swag". I put on my pyjamas: a super oversized tee with my soccer socks (honestly that socks has never been meant for soccer) and a "Swag" labelled beanie. I had always wanted just a simple black beanie but it just does not fit my head nicely. Somehow this swagger just made it's way through and fits perfectly on my head. Anyways I had a simple dinner of Aglio Olio from Rocky's in Orchard looking cool with my pyjamas outfit.

My outfit today is inspired by the thoughts of this song called Cool Kids by Echosmith. 

I have never been a cool kid myself as a Primary or Secondary (Junior or Middle or high; 7-17years old) School kid/teen and of cos I am envy of my schoolmates that were considered the cool ones and have lots of friends. They were the 'trendsetters'. They need not be the best looking, top student or anything but they just have that aura of coolness in them. Simply need not worry about life in school. On the contrary, I am kind of the weird one that was outcasted (probably in the primary school days) that tried to fit in before but failed. I had come to a point that I wondered why I could never fit in, why I have a different perception from the rest and why I may be considered as the irritating one amongst them. Of cos I could never find the right answers and had sort of gotten used to the fact that I could never fit in. Well it did bother me. When it's time to part from Secondary School, I decided to set my own plans and goals and worked according to my interests and landed in a semi-private arts school for design. Lucky for me, in my art school, I managed to find similar people like me and we kind of clique and had fun like cool kids. 

It made me realised that I'm not alone feeling this way and it's not that I'm a true weirdo, but we all just have different interests, views and thoughts from each other. As I grow up, I feel that being able to fit in or not is not the main purpose in life. I am totally used to be labelled as a weirdo. But who cares? What is important is to be true and comfortable in your own skin. Let your character shine and soon you will find like-minded people like you!

And before I forget, here's my face of the day~!


  1. Awesome look, style is on point!

  2. Great style, so chic and fun. You look beautiful! I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo

    1. Hi Camille!
      Thanks! and thats so sweet of you! <3

  3. The music video was awesome! I really liked the song that you've provided thanks for sharing! Also Love the beanie and the facial expressions that you were doing in these pics! It's Wicked!


    Tragic Couturist

    1. Hi Dear!

      Awwww thanks!!! <333
      Yeah this song is really has its meaning and it hits me! Glad that you love it! <3


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