Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Top ∆ H&M
Sunglasses ∆ Dresslink
Socks ∆ Adidas
Jacket ∆ Uniqlo
Shoes ∆ YRU
Photos by Jimmy 

White has been a colour that I've had taken interest in since the start of this year. So, here you have me looking angelic, but yet grungy. It's a simple combination of a white jacket, over with an oversized men's tee, coupled with my white platform sneakers, and a pair of socks as usual. With the intention of fanciness in mind, I've added some stickers from Daiso onto my platforms, as well as my chubby cheeks, finishing it with a touch of darkness on my lips.
This shoot marks the first collaboration between Jimmy and I, and it is such an honour to be working with such an experienced photographer, who has been in the industry for a whopping seven years! I will defiantly be looking forward to our next collaboration in the near future.
Grimes has been my greatest inspiration of in terms of style and music. Here's another favourite song of mine, Genesis by Grimes. Hope you guys enjoy it!


  1. You are too dope to exist, omg. KILLING IT. So in love with your platforms (but you already know that)! The experience of Jimmy really show because these photos are so good! I love thissssss

    May | THE MAYDEN

  2. jess I don´t know what to say anymore.... :D you are setting new standarts!

  3. I am loving your all white looks! & those sunglasses are gorgeous x

  4. I love your style so much ; ; I want all your clothes!
    I love this song

  5. This is such a cool outfit ;u; I love everything about it -- thank you for sharing!
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

  6. I'm a big fan of this white look of yours <3 so cool!
    Loving the stickers + glasses combo!! Stickers + shoes looks perfect too!

  7. Those shoes are gorgeous!! x

  8. just discovered your blog. all the pictures here are AMAZING! love it :)


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