Thursday, October 2, 2014

I Miss Your Bones

Top ∆ Cheap Monday 
Sock ∆ Vintage (Find Similar Here)
Military Jacket ∆ Vintage (Find Similar Here)
Shoes ∆ Keds

ROARRRRR, Cat Yawn! 
Recently, I have been yawning a lot. It reminds me of cats yawning in the streets while snuggling up on their fat bellies. Anyways, with minimal makeup on another sloppy day of mine, I decided to go black and get comfy with an oversized old Cheap Monday top, way before they decided to change their logo and eliminated the inverted cross sign smacked right on the skull's forehead. Cheap Monday has always been my favourite brand since I was a teen, so out of curiosity, I went to google about the reasons for the changed of logo. It was designed by Bjorn Atldax as an "active statement against Christianity" nothing associated with Satanism or Occult but his personal dislikes toward the religion. To know more info, you can read it up Here. Anyways, this top was a birthday gift from my late Grandma, it's hip as hell coming from a Granny! I guess nobody knows me better than her that I love skulls, and maybe she really do love me and chose to past away two days before my birthday. All in all, I'm glad that she was finally freed from the pain she suffered having diagnosed with liver cancer for six months.

To hyped things up a little, here's a song by Hospitality, I Miss Your Bones. I really love this band as they never failed to cheer up my day!


  1. yeah I have a shirt like this with a slighlty smaller skull. It´s my favorite shirt ever, I have it since years now and it has holes by now but I love it to bits. you look fabulous and cheap monday is one of my all time favorit brands.


  2. Gorgeous look =)
    Saskia !xo

  3. Cool photos! You always look so awesome!


  4. Love your style!

  5. Amazing look again!


  6. So much love for your blog, your style and your photos! <3 Mind following me back? Click 'Follow' between 'About' and 'Contact' :) xx

  7. You look flawless as always - was literally yawning myself as soon as I saw the cat:') Also interested to know about the changing of the logo, will go and educate myself on that <3

    // xx

    1. Hahaha ya man!!! I found the right cat to do the trick :P

  8. You go granny, that top is great :) This look would've looked even better with a pair of Creepers!


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