Sunday, August 17, 2014

Turn It Around

Beanie ∆ Topshop (as be seen on Cool Kids post)
Top ∆ Topshop
Blazer ∆ Bershka (Find Similar Here)
Checkered Jeggings ∆ Topshop
Heel-Boots ∆ Sperry (Find Similar Here)

With a bing and a bang, I'm having a causal jamming with the drums or the microphone in a studio in chinatown. I wore a crop top with a checkered legging that I had just bought yesterday and I just can't wait to wear it! Keeping things cool with my blazer and beanie and matched my outfit with a simple heel-boots to pump up my petite height (a tiny bit).

Singapore is a modern country with many tall architectural infrastructures. Nevertheless, due to the mixed heritages and cultures, there are still many shophouses preserved such as in Chinatown. I'm in love with the more laid back look and feel of a stretch of back alleys that connect many shophouses together. 

Anyway, I decided to choose this look to join the Ariat style contest for the New York Fashion Week. I have never, in my whole entire life, step a foot into America before and not even mentioning about New York. When I recevied the style contest via email, I was like yes I need this and it will be a huge opportunity for my one month old blog that I quitted my day job to do it for my dream passion by being an inspiration to young girls in Singapore to be daring and creative in dressing up. I hope that if I win Ariat style contest and get to go New York Fashion Week, I can show to people out there that we can change our life and make dreams come true. Take lead in things that we want to achieve and change the norm. It will not only be an eye opener to be able to attend New York Fashion Week, but it will also be an eye opener to Singapore that bloggers can make it international and not just circulating within the little red dot. #ariatNYFWBoot
Vote for me HERE!

Just like the video of this song by Lucius, Turn it Around, it combines modern with retro, just like Singapore. Do check out the video!


  1. Super pretty, amazing style! Following you on Lookbook and Bloglovin'. Hope you can check out my blog!

    1. Hi Dear

      Thanks lots! Sure I will check them out :)

  2. :O I wanna go to New York Fashion week too :O good luck Darling! and pretty cool shirt :)
    (and Chinatown singapore was one of my fav places there too) xx

    1. Thanks dear!! <333
      Yeah I'm trying my best and I hope to get chosen :)

      Hope you come back to Singapore again :)

  3. Super cool leggings! :)


  4. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a really nice comment! I really appreciate it! :)

    And this outfit is awesome! I love the plaid pants that you're wearing and It really brings a little retro edginess to the outfit! (and as a bonus, the shades really as a cool and badass touch to the outfit too!)

    And as always great song choice for the outfit! I love it! :) Take care!

    Tragic Couturist

    1. Awww thanks dear that's so sweet of u <3

  5. heyy, nominated u for a liebster award on my blog, check it out if you fancy doing it :)


    1. Awww cool! I will check it out! Thanks dear <333


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