Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Machine Gun

Top ∆ H&M (Basic)
Pants ∆ From Bangkok (Find Similar here)
Checkered Shirt(tied around the waist) ∆ Vintage 
Bag ∆ From Bangkok
Sneakers ∆ VANS (Bone Bridge collection)

It's a day to cruise with my girl! I wore my oversized tank, a long striped skinny pants, a checkered shirt tied around my waist, a tribal printed bag, a vans sneakers and of cos my board! I decided to go with a long skinny pants because I am still a newbie in cruising as I'm afraid of falling on hard ground on my bare skin! I can still remembered how I walked like a penguin when I fell on my knees. Ouch!

I am so thrilled that my skater-girl had made this tattoo choker for me! It's been the third choker I had gotten. It's so sweet of her. Love ya girl!

Anyways this thursday evening Slowdive will be heading town with their hits from the 90s! I just can't wait to watch the concert! I'm so going to take tons of picture to share it here!
If you're a fan of shoes grazing music do not miss Slowdive! Do get your tickets HERE if you had yet to! 

Here's one of my favourite song from them!


  1. Love your photography & also jealous how you can pull off different patterns from stripes to checkered in one look! The Vans High-Sk8's are like the IT shoe for this summer as well. Great post.


  2. Love your look, so edgy and different. Your photos came out amazing!


  3. I really love the outfit! I´m into plaid shirts wrapped around the waist!!! How hard is it to learn skating? :D I really wanna get a longboard but I´m scared I´ll fail!! AND it´s mega cool you´re from singapore! went there in march loved it x33 Would you like to stay in touch ? :)) xx


    1. Hi Susan!

      Thanks for loving my outfit! <333
      Standing on the board is not hard but conquering the fear of fast speed and falling as well as controlling the board is hard and will take time and practices :)

      Yeap I'm from Singapore! Glad to like Singapore! Ya sure we can connect each other to stay in touch!

    2. I bet it does! I feel like I´d be super scared...maybe i should just go and borrow one and try it...I really wanna go to Singapore again as l have a couple of friends there too!
      thanks for your follow x33

    3. Hahaha yeah need to gain those courage!! get a friend that know how to play to guide you along!! Yeah do come again! maybe you can hit me up too! :D btw I love your blog <333


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