Thursday, April 2, 2015

Art After Dark

Sweater ∆ Blind Youth
Skirt ∆ Gift 
Double stacked Creepers ∆ TUK
Leather Bucket hat ∆ Sup
Photos by Charm

As an art lover, how can I missed out Art After Dark open house event at Gillman Barracks during Singapore Design Week 2015? 

Despite being in a thick outfit, the weather (even at night) was not that cooling. I must be out of my mind to wear a thick sweater with woolly tartans skirt then pairing them up with a bucket hat and my creepers. Well, at least I felt cool in them.

It is definitely a wonderful location. Being a former colonial military camp, the surrounding creates an ambience for arts appreciation. Expect to view mind-blowing art galleries; indulged in gourmets from F&B pop-ups; chill out with beers while viewing design film at an outdoor screening, and get your hands on some local designer's products at the maker's market.

Enough of my small talks and view the recap of the event below!

A chirpy song for share by Avan Lava, It's Never Over!


  1. Awesome pictures


  2. Love your outfit and that creepy hello kitty!

  3. Looks like such a cool event. I so wish I could be in Singapore right now to see this for myself. I'm especially digging the plastic cloud thing. I have no idea what it actually is made out of but I love that it makes such a soft looking piece. Also that sweater is perfection. I laughed so hard at it when I first read it. I feel like all bloggers need a graphic piece with a cheeky blog themed saying.


    1. Yes! I'm sure you will love it if you're in Singapore! It's a cool yet chill event! That cloud thingy is made of the plastic strap for clothes tagging! Artists sure have a great set of mind in making such a magnificent piece!

  4. Thank you so much for following and comment my blog! Is such a big honor, because I love your blog!


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