Thursday, February 5, 2015

Interview with Smoke Season!

As you guys may have known, I'm a music lover and I always share my current favourite or new discovery music that relates to my outfit post. Little did I know that my humble gesture in sharing these artists music have gotten myself noticed by Smoke Season (as seen on Opaque in White post)! I was even invited to do a fashion interview with the lively lead singer Gabrielle Wortman.

How awesome is that?

Just a brief info,

Smoke Season is an alt-folk project formed by Gabrielle Wortman, the soulful lead singer with her electronic alter-ego, TEMP3ST and Jason Rosen, the former keyboardist of Honer Society. Both artists had their own individual careers before falling into Smoke Season. It allows them to be more versatile and experimental by blending psychedelic, folk rock and undertones of electronic music to create alluring pleasures of dream-pop and folky music.


Interview with Gabrielle Wortman from Smoke Season,

Jess: In your latest music video, “Opaque”, I noticed that you had dyed your hair in pale lilac colour and in your recent interviews, you had re-dyed your hair to pastel pink. You totally rocked the look! Would you say that pastel hair colour is in the heat of fashion trend in 2015 and how influential will it be in your personal styling?

GW: I think pastel hair straddles an awesome line between feminine and edgy that I’m totally addicted to.  I can’t even imagine myself without colored hair at this point and plan to spend the year trying on colors like a Crayola crayon box. 

Jess: Do you find any difficulties in your choice of fashion when matching them with your hair colour?

GW: I do.  In general, the brighter the hair the more subdued the colors I wear.  I tend to opt for more muted patterns or colors to offset the hair. 

Jess: How would you categorize your personal fashion style? 

GW: Equal parts masculine and feminine.

Jess: Who/where do you take fashion inspiration from?

GW: Well I’ve always been a lover and avid fan of anything Lanvin so I think that shows up a lot in my personal style.  I also get inspired by rich textures and bold, angular cuts in pieces I wear.

Jess: How does your music influence the way you dress? Especially during your live shows.

GW: Well, for one, I am not about to wear a short dress on stage because I’d prefer to save our audience from that view.
Ha - Apart from that, I really love cuts, pieces and textures that can be used as props in the performance.  We’re usually really backlit and our stage is always saturated in smoke, so the setting illuminates the things I wear in a pretty magical way.  Also, anything shiny or sequined will play with the light in a way that I love.

Jess: Since Smoke Season is a band, do you help to style up Jason Rosen for shoots and tours so that you guys will look in sync? Or is there is already a telepathy existence between Jason and you?

GW: HA! To be honest, Jason is a rare breed of guy that knows how to dress himself.  In fact, on tours sometimes I steal his shirts or jackets to play up the androgynous side of an outfit.

Jess: As indie hits is getting popular in Singapore, would you be coming to Singapore for a live show?

GW: We hope so! We love Southeast Asia.

Jess: What would you say to fans that adore your style?

GW: Make a bold move. Break out of the traditional. Throw away the idea of following trends to be “hot”.  Sex appeal comes from your attitude and your courage in style choices.


Thank you LAFAMOS for sending me this lovely Thank You card and making the interview possible with Smoke Season!

Before I end my post, here's another one of my favourite song by Smoke Season, Badlands.

Do check out more of their songs here!


  1. I do love her style & really awesome interview!

  2. perfect description of pastel hair haha x3 well done, Jess congrats x3

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

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  4. This is so cool! Lucky you! I will definitely be listening to their stuff xx

  5. such an interesting interview! Her style is magnificent!:)

  6. Wow what a cool post, I love gabrielle's style congrats on getting to do this interview! x

  7. Your photography is soooooo beautiful!!! LOVE all of these shots! SO FABBB!!!!! Yahoo!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


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