Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Nothing More... on my eyebrows

Studded leather Jacket ∆ Topshop
Dress ∆ Lipservice
Jadon Boots ∆ Dr Martens
Socks ∆ Stance X Misfits

During the last century, thick eyelashes with thin eyebrows seem to be the trend, but time has changed. Thick eyebrows or sometimes bleached eyebrows (for edgy twist of fashion) with natural makeup seem to be trending now. Well, I guess ever since Cara Delevingne stormed in the fashion scene with her luscious thick eyebrows, people start to realise the beauty of thick brows (and probably trimmed their brows lesser).

In case you think that I had bleached my brows, I got to admit that they are natural. It's not that I have no brows, but I seem to bear thin fine brows. So fine that I don't have to bleach them! Just like what Cara had said, to embrace who we are and what we are born like. So I had decided to embrace my natural look for once and not doing anything with my brows. At times, I really wished I'm born with really thick brows just like Cara!

To give a contrast to my fine brows, I decided to go black and grunge with red lips, a pair of Dr Martens boots, skin tight dress and a studded leather jacket. Topping off with a pair of Misfits socks that totally screams my character (with middle fingers to the sky)! 

Love the conventional Indie Rock music? Well I found Guards with their new song, Nothing More and I'm sure it will suit your genre!


  1. OMG you look awesome!!!! and I NEED those socks :O xxx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  2. Love this post! Love your brows and good for you to embrace them http://girlandthepolkadot.blogspot.com/

  3. such cool pics


  4. Wow love the concept of these photos! Looking awesome!


  5. I am LOVING your style and aesthetic. so dope xx

  6. Love your style <3 Amazing shoes :)

  7. Amazing outfit!
    Loving these photos and your style<3

  8. Amazing look =p

    Saskia ! xo

  9. your look is great ! kisses



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