Friday, October 24, 2014

Pa Pa Power

Checkered Shirt ∆ Uniqlo
Pink Ranger Tee ∆ 80sTees
Black Jeans ∆ Topshop 
Shoes ∆ Vans (Find more here)
Photos by Sopida

Once again I get to collaborate with my dear friend Sopida for a shoot. Without fail, her shoot always comes with a theme and for today it's Power. 

"We failed in things because our inner self told us that we can't. No matter how determine we are, our doubting minds will bring us down. It's not that we could not succeed. Society also plays a part in tearing us apart as regardless of any sex, race, religion, age, we are told not to do certain things and sadly, many had surrendered to that as a fact that it is wrong or not supposed to. Everyone of us have got that inner power within that enables us to push boundaries and succeed in things that many had already given up on. So believe in our inner power and unleash it. Stop doubting and giving yourself unwanted excuses, you can succeed regardless of whatever you are."

I'm still an amateur cruiser, but I will not give up cruising around with my board even if I were to fall. When I first bought my cruiser board, I was told by my family that as a girl you can't cruise or play such "uncivilised" sports. And when I'm out cruising or shopping around with my board, the society tends to treat me in an unkind manner. Well that's just one example of my culture, and I decided to rebel against it. I do not believe in such stereotypical thinking just because of some black sheep. Same goes for other things that I wanted to achieve. No matter what you do there's always bound to have obstacles, only by believing yourself and channelling your inner power even with the slightest hope, even things that seems impossible will be made possible.

If you are a Ryan Gosling fan, I'm sure you will love Dead Man's Bones. Here's a song for today's post, Pa Pa Power! And I wish you luck in achieving your goals! 

P.S. Ryan Gosling is secretly giving you POWER! 


  1. Awesome photos!


  2. I love to see what the girls are wearing in other countries. Fashion is global! I have a new post at my blog. Do you want to tell me what do you think? Kisses (and thank you for your visit),

  3. lovee it. you look sick with that skateboard :D and the necklaaaaace woah!

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  4. Wow you two work wonders together. Love your photos, utterly gorgeous. And that quote, I needed that reminder, thanks. Oh and don't you give up too lovely.


  5. Hey Jess! The photography work is amazing and you two make a great team!

    Also, I have finally answered to your Liebster award challenge, you can check it out here -

    1. Thanks babe!! And yes I'm so excited to know what you wrote :P!

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