Saturday, October 11, 2014

Craves: My wish-list for October

As an independent young girl who earns her own living, I thought it would be wise to create a post on my monthly fashion craves on fashion apparels that I wish to have. Also, I hope you can pick some inspirations from my wish-list too!

1. Lazy Oaf//Same Shit Shirt - Sometimes the simplest thing is just to have a plain white tee with words that summarised whatever you are feeling.2. UNIF//Slacker Shoes - Since my height is only at 158cm tall, I think it is totally practical for me to be crazy about tall chunky heels. Since it is named as a pair of "Slacker Shoes", I can totally expect that it will liven up any of my outfits.
3. Ivory Jar//Shelly Dungarees - Eyes and triangles are my favourite symbols and having those symbols on the jumpsuit, isn't it perfect? 

4. Deandri//Zeta Collar Suspender Top and Nancy Skirt Red Tartan Set - Tartans and a bit of skin with white collar is such a classic punk look!

5. UNIF//Insignia Backpack - I kind of need a simple black backpack now and I thought this backpack looked just right for me.

6. Civil Clothing//Queenie Muscle Tank - I can never get sick of muscle tanks and YES I'm a Queen to take charge of my life!

7. Ivory Jar//Nadine Hat - Harness over clothing are getting a little too mainstream, so why not wear them over your hair. Additional points go to this cute pair of cat ears!

8. Nextshe//GO TO HELL Rainbow Unicorn Prints Pullover Sweatshirt - When a unicorn asks you to go to hell. I sure can use this sweatshirt with a pair of jeans on a casual working day in the office or prep myself up for the upcoming rainy season.

9. Nextshe//PIZZA OR CAVIAR Printed Long Pullover Sweatshirt - I just want both pizza and caviar! They are yummy. I mean who does not want both? Especially pizza! Oversized sweatshirt is my best excuse to wear pyjamas out and yet looking fabulous.


  1. Love the finds!


  2. ughhh neeeed these shoes too haha. and I want smth similar to your sweater x3

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

    1. hahaha ya the shoes is so badass!!! :P

  3. I would totally love the shoes! :)


  4. I want number 3 *0* So awesome!!!

    恵美より ♥

  5. Great Post !

  6. love the selects x

  7. lol at pizza or caviar! I'll always choose pizza!


  8. Cute Post! Enjoyed reading! Followed <3

  9. Awesome finds xo

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  11. I love ur wish list!!even though it's not my style i adore every piece of it ♥



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