Sunday, July 20, 2014

Complete Surrender

Hat ∆ Roxy
Dress ∆ Topshop
Denim Jacket ∆ Thrift Store
Boots ∆ Sperry
Bag ∆ Lowry's Farm

In order to dress according to the weather conditions, I tried to put on a simple aztec monochrome skater dress and bring along my denim jacket, which I bought off at a Thrift Shop new2you a few years back, in case some malls are cold or when the night temperature drops. I matched them with a simple boots and a top hat to complete my look. And off I'm out to meet up with my bestie for dinner!

Recently the weather has been very unpredictable. It has always been very hot and humid in the noon and the night suddenly becomes cold or just still air. There won't be rain for a few days and suddenly, it starts to pour crazily for the whole day or one of those kinds that I hated most, the passing rain which lasted for 5 minutes. Even if it rained, it did not help to cool the temperature, it just seems like the sky got clearer for the sun rays to penetrate through more profusely. The weather these days pretty much seems like it is going through mood swings. Come to think of it, what am I to complain when Singapore is just so blessed to be rid of all those natural disasters?

This song explained my thoughts and had inspired my look. It's Complete Surrender by Slow Club.

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