Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Skirt ∆ Princessa
Sweater Top ∆ H&M
Sandals ∆ Urban Outfitters
Photos by Amirul

Sometimes, I just want to keep things real casual. I know I have been real fancy in dressing up myself but that does not mean I do not have lazy days. 

Sweatshirt is always the best laziest outfit ever. But Hey! They do makes everything looks cool and it goes with almost anything. In this outfit, I matched my sweatshirt with a draped skirt and a pair of furry sandals. I gave myself a top knot to spice up my look up a little. 

Here's another song of the day, Wounds by Ulysse. I love the sick beats during the chorus. Hope you love it too!


  1. I don't know how many times I'Ve already said that, but I really love your style!
    Stay this way xx

  2. Loving those artistic photographs. Fab hair style !


  3. That skirt looks so amazing on you! & still obsessed with your hair color x

  4. Great look :)
    I'm in love with those furry sandals!
    All of these pictures look so amazing *___* <3

  5. Love your sweatshirt and hair!!


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