Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Greek Tragedy

Sweater ∆ Stylemoi
Skirt ∆ Stylemoi
Bag ∆ Topshop
Socks ∆ Adidas Originals
Platform Sneakers ∆ YRU
Photos by Aaron

Sweater, mini-skirt, knee high socks, platforms and a fur bag is all that I need. When others feel extremely uncomfortable looking at me, I kinda feel real comfortable being in them. Reason being, it's like 35ºC during the day and people think that I'm mad wearing a sweater out. Anyhow, maybe my body temperature is lower than others, so I figured that it is a blessing that I sweat lesser (or rather I seldom sweat) and I'm able to wear something thicker even during harsh weather. Despite that, I do wish that I was born in a cooler country so that I can play more layerings with my outfits. Anyway, I'm glad to be part of stylemoi and had received some great sponsors from them!

For the past few weeks, life sure is getting busier and a little out of hand. My weekdays are indulged in my full time job at Rockstar Singapore. Two months back, due to some of my senior colleagues of the creative side leaving the team, I have to change my position and handle all forms of creative. As in all forms of creative it literally means I got to handle social media images, sourcing of models, styling them for catalogues and lookbooks, visual merchandising, assisting my new creative assistant, brainstorming and etc. I can say it was a sudden flood of work. Luckily, my first job had trained me to work fast and with my 3 years of experience, I'm glad be able to finish work without staying back too often. However, when I got home, I'm pretty exhausted. Well if my weekdays weren't that busy enough, my weekends were swamped with shoots as lately I had met up with different interesting photographers and it is a great thing that there are many more collaborations coming in. I still try to keep my Sunday free so that I can kind of hibernate. But, you know sometimes it will still overspill and I had to sacrifice my Sunday for shoots too. Also I still need to meet up with my friends and catch up on life over dinner on weekdays and drinking sessions on Friday and Saturday nights. Come to think of it, I kind of need a holiday soon and maybe a long session of hibernation. 

Sometimes I wish I can reply to all of your comments and check out all of your blogs but time is really not on my side. Well even if I have the slightest amount of free time, I will still try to check out more blogs and reply more comments! So I hope that you will still leave a comment here as I do read every one of them! Really grateful for your great support that have brought me here and keeping me real busy! 

Well busy is a good thing right?

Anyway, The Wombats are back with a new album! Can't tell you how excited I am! Here's a new one of theirs that will seriously make me cry if I were to watch them live. Hope you enjoy Greek Tragedy, fyi the vid is a little gruesome.

I know that many of you do listen to the songs I shared and sometimes it is hard to view from my post. So I thought it will be nice to share with you the playlist that I have on my Spotify! You can follow my playlist. I will always be updating and renewing the playlist. Sometimes I do listen to other genres of music and you can also follow me to know what I'm currently listening to! Hope you enjoy this indie muse playlist!


  1. I love your look ! Your hair color is so cool <3

    DarkSide Of Fashion Blog
    (IG : @Saskiabzn)
    Saskia! xo

  2. JEALOUS. I'm JEALOUS, Jess. I sweat like a freaking rainstorm, and it frustrates me because I LOVE layering.

    This outfit is so good! I swear that sweater is life, and I cannot get over your shoes. Ahhh!

    May • THE MAYDEN

  3. Wow you're just so beautiful!!! I LOVE your top and skirt!! Really nice clothes <3

    I am a new reader here!
    Maybe we can follow each other?
    My blog: http://worldismagiiic.blogspot.fr/

  4. I LOVE your style~ ;A; This outfit is so cool! Thank you for sharing.
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

  5. jessica, you're such a cutie! it seems like this post belongs in japan :P


  6. Your style is amazing, I love your outfit so much!

  7. god jess, can you stop being so goddamn gorgeous? :P love your jumper, and yes I am soooo busy too, really neglecting my blog :/

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  8. Your photos are always amazing *-*


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