Saturday, February 14, 2015

Blog My Dick with Blind Youth

Blog My Dick Sweater ∆ Blind Youth
White Culottes ∆ Rockstar Singapore
Sock ∆ Topman
Shoes ∆ YRU
Photos by Jonathan Liu

Other than a loose fitting tee (as seen on my previous post), won't it be nice to get comfy in an oversized sweater? Especially during cool season, a sweater is a need. 

There are many ways to style a sweater. In my second outfit with Blind Youth clothing, I styled my sweater with a pair of short white culottes, a black beanie, white tube socks with navy strips and a platform sneakers. All flat monotonous colours to let the bold statement speaks itself. Other ways to wear a sweater is with leggings, jeans or even wearing them as a dress itself. Well at the end of the day a sweater is all about comfort right?

Anyways, since it's Valentine's Day, I wish all you guys have a blast! Valentine's Day need not be just a day for lovers only. It can also be a day for friends! At the end of the day, it is all about showing appreciation for people you love and care for.

To all the lover's out there, be it your partner, friends or family, here's a song for you! Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap.


  1. I loooveeee this photoshoot!
    the outfit looks amazing on you and these shoes are a dream!:)

  2. Awesome pictures!


  3. I love those shoes! such a statement piece

  4. Super cool!!


    Pictures are beautiful btw !

    I have just follow you on GFC, hope you will follow me back :)


  6. WOW! That shoes <3


  7. These pictures look amazing, love the background!

  8. OMG I just discovered your blog and I love it! I love your style sooo much, added to favorites :D

  9. Folge

  10. Amazing blog and interesting posts!
    I like your blog a lot. Check out mine. Maybe you will like it too. If you want we can follow each other? If you want to do that just let me a comment on my blog if you did. I will follow you right back!
    Would be really amazing xx

    Lots of Love, Dilan from DILANERGUL

  11. SICK SICK SICK as always :D x3 Love the shoot and the jumper is super cool.also still jel of your shoeees xoxo

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  12. Tough look! Love the sweater! x

  13. wow i adore your style so much
    the shoes are amazing
    love love love it Keep up that unique style

    hope you too visit my Blog <3

  14. You look so fabulously cool! I love that sweater.
    Obsessed Fashion Blog


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