Sunday, August 3, 2014

Paper Planes

Hat ∆ Forever 21 (Find Similar Here)
Shades ∆ Cheap Monday (more)
Sleevesless Shirt ∆ Vans
Shorts ∆ DIY
Shoes ∆ Vans
Bag ∆ H&M (Find Similar Here)
Accessories ∆ Forever 21, Topshop
Sock ∆ Topshop

I'm keeping my outfit simple by wearing a sleeveless tank with my DIY shorts and a pair of platform sneakers which is like two size bigger. I really love this pair of platform sneakers, but sadly I just couldn't find my size, so I thought why not just cheat my size since my feet will is hidden in it? Anyways, I'm feeling gold today so I paired my outfits with my gold accessories.

Today's outfit title is inspired by the song Paper Planes. Life is unpredictable and sometimes it can go up while other time it goes down just like a paper plane. Same goes for me. My life is not perfect. I'm someone that runs by passion. When you concentrate on passion of cos your finances may suffers depending on what kind of passion is it. It's always that passionate versus money issues that I'm sure not only Singapore is facing it.

Take me for example, I love designs, fashions and arts in general. However, the industry is so vast and sometimes, because of the money (KA-CHING!), I tend to accept the job and knowing that I absolutely hate what I am going to be doing. Then I got stuck there day by day hoping I may have the chance to break free of the boring eight to five office hours. Just like the lyrics, "All I wanna do is ... And take your money". Seriously, if you ask me if I care about my works for my clients? I can tell you, Fuck it. I ain't gonna care much and just follow what they want since at the end of the day they will pay the money and won't really appreciate your idealistic designs (which supposed to work better) by going back to the traditions. So for my salary I temporarily "murdered" my passion and let go of my time. So my paper plane took a roller coaster down. Of cos without struggling to break free from my comfort zone and submit myself to the boring life, I will be stuck there and continue to complain how shitty my life is. One day I decided to flew my paper plane again and started doing what I love, even if it means that I got to start all over from the bottom again I will do it!

So even if you're down at the bottom, need not be upset as who knows there might be a kid out there that will hold your plane up and flew it again!

Here's the song by Beautiful Small Machines, Paper Planes.


  1. those vans are really cool! saw some similar vans last week,...maybe i should have bought them?!

    1. Yes you should!! currently those platform vans or sneakers are like the IT style for streetwear! :)

  2. It feels like I wrote this post. Imagine how it is in this poor country, Serbia, where people are constantly struggling with earning and then you have these super creative people who just want to do what they are meant to do, but they are not able. It's a real life struggle and as a young creative I feel it all the time. Blogging is what keeps my head up. Don't loose your creativity, because it's so easy to stuck in the ordinary gray world.

    And I'm in love with your jewelery!

    1. Hi Katarina,

      I feel you too!
      Even though I may be born in a wealthy country, I have to also admit that I am just an average citizen here. Finance is a never-ending struggle for me as my parents are not able to afford what I pursue. Being stuck in jobs that I do not like just to make a living really kills my passion, but yeah I'm gonna keep blogging to keep my heads up too!

      We got to fight and yet keep that passionate burning!

      Thanks dear <33

  3. What an inspiring post :) And your outfit is so stylish!


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