Monday, July 14, 2014

The Gathering with Russian Red Concert at Tab

As the night wiped pass, Lourdes Hern├índez had touched the heart of her fans with her captivating vocals. The Spanish indie pop singer-songwriter known by the stage name of Russian Red, inspired by her favourite M.A.C lipstick colour, she is back for her third visit in Singapore to strike out her third album, Agent Cooper. With the concept - the elusive quest of chasing the man of her dreams, the album features songs like Casper, Michael P, Stevie J and etc., that are a collective of male names.

Certainly, I am glad to be able to witness this beautiful performance by Russian Red, as I am always a fan since their first album. Got to admit that I felt the leap of growth for her album, Agent Cooper, with confidence combining with her artistic self. It is like being true to herself and enabling her fans to get to know a far bit more of her by expressing it through her music.

Here's an official music video from Agent Cooper, Casper. 

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