Thursday, November 27, 2014

Dead Air - Chvrches X Riot !n Magenta Concert experience

NYC Pullover ∆ From Bangkok
Shorts ∆ Vintage DIY
Jadon Boots ∆ Dr Martens
Shirt ∆ From Bangkok

Last Friday I was at a live concert with CHVRCHES! I was so excited to watch them live knowing that I had been following their music since their first EP, Recover. It was not the first time that CHVRCHES were in Singapore, in fact this is their second time being in Singapore since Laneway which was held in January this year. I missed Laneway as I was busy and was very upset about it. So when I heard that they're going to have their own show here in Singapore again, I was so thrilled and vowed not to miss it this time!

Knowing me, I will never fail to dress up for the occasion! Knowing that the venue will be pretty stuffy when it gets crowded, I decided to wear a pullover and a pair of shorts with a shirt tied around my waist in case the night gets colder. I also put on my favourite pair of Dr Martens as they were very comfort (especially for me to dance during the concert).

Here's a recap of the concert and pardon me for the bad sound quality from my video.

Not only did CHVRCHES blow the night away, the concert was opened by Riot !n Magenta, an indie electric pop homegrown band, with Eugenia Yip's powerhouse vocals accompanied with rhythmic, mellow synth tracks in a quintet band. If you're up for soulful melodies, here's a link to Riot !n Magenta's soundcloud and learnt more about them here. Honestly, nothing is better than knowing new band that does awesome music!

*All Riot !n Magenta's photos are by Fandy Razak.

Here's one of my favourite song from them, Told You So.


  1. Really like the pictures and I really dig your style!

  2. gorgeous :D still loving your docs x3

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  3. everytime i visit ur blog i am sure yu have posted a new amazing look! :D
    love this outfit!
    and ur song choises:)

    The girl with the dreamcatcer tattoo

  4. Such a cool outfit and nice pics


  5. love this!

  6. Sounds like an awesome concert, I love their music. Discovered them last year through hypem. Glad you had fun.


  7. love coming across blogs like yours - awesome style! now following :) xx

  8. aww i love your outfit very edgy and chic and so doll! And the concert looks like a blast!

  9. Awww, I'm so glad you enjoyed Chvrches, I saw them at an acoustic gig at a local record store about 5 months ago. xx Isn't Lauren such a doll? I've never really given Riot! a listen before.

    1. Yes I love Lauren she is soooo cute!!! <3


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