Thursday, December 31, 2015

Spice it up for a change! (Hair Extensions by Irresistible Me)

Hair Extensions ∆ Irresistible Me
Hat ∆ Adidas
Socks ∆ Adidas
Shoes ∆ TUK
Photos by Steph

It's my honor to be able to work with Irresistible Me and get to try on these fabulous hair extensions! I'm 100%, not a vblogger. However, I feel it will be better for me to do a review and tutorial video of the hair extensions. Honestly, my video is pretty amateur. I really have to thank you first for bearing with me throughout the video. Seriously, just have a good LOL at all my weird, awkward moments, badly spoken grammar and poor editing.

I really do love these hair extensions as they can withstand me all night long, yet not having the need to suffer a migraine. I hope you enjoy my first vblog. And maybe even getting yourself a box of Irresistible Me to change up your looks for 2016!

Who says long hair girls can only be demure? In my ootd shoot (above), I wore the extensions with a slight grunge yet health goth outfit. Whereas for my vblog (below), I wore the extensions with pastel goth outfit. Well, do let me know which is your favourite!

It's the end of 2015 and it has been a great year for me. Of course, there were ups and downs, but they never seem to beat me down. They pulled me up and push me forward, breaking my boundaries, facing my fears and meeting new pals whom I greatly treasure.

Looking back at Jan 2015, I can see how much I've grown within a year, so much that I feel that I'm a different person. I was in a long 2 year relationship that ended in March 3 days after my birthday with my Ex telling me that he want to be a Priest and he was not happy with me. After that broke up, I was a little lost, but friends around me got me back on my foot. As a lone ranger, I set out to meet new people around me. Creating strong bonds of friendships. Dated a few guys, but it didn't seem to go well. Still facing family violence once in a while. Got a panic attack, that was supposed to be anxiety. Started attending counselling sessions to be a better person as I was a depressed kid that wants to stay strong. Oh, not forgetting that I must not take caffeine drinks.

Of course, I still have my clumsy moments, like breaking my front tooth, which I needed to pay the price of SGD$5k and just a moment ago, I thought I would end my 2015 losing my bloody bag that contains my laptop, memory card, wallet and all the essentials. Guess luck is still on my side, my tooth can be fixed and I just found my bag after 5 hours.

Seriously, thank you all for showering me with so much love! Love you peeps and may 2016 be a year, hoping that I will be less clumsy.

Enjoy the video and view the original hair extensions before I ruined them with my violet hair dye.

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  1. you look so gooooodddd omgggg such a cutie
    happy new year!!


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