Saturday, March 14, 2015

Oh no... I'm 23!

Dress ∆ UNIF
Faux Black Fur backpack ∆ Topshop
Qozmo Hi-White ∆ YRU
Black Lace Bra ∆ H&M
Socks ∆ Topman
All Accessories ∆ Vintage and gifts

It's pretty late for me to do this post (cos lately i've been really busy at work)... but still, I would like to share my outfit and my little celebration of me turning 23 on 5 march. 

Just like my best friend, Charm, had predicted, I wore a white dress from UNIF that was a gift from her for my birthday as she had always knew that I love UNIF. Adding on, I decided to put on my current favourite Faux Fur backpack and a pair of Qozmo white! Not sure why, but nowadays, I'm so attracted to full white outfits. So I pretty much just style myself in that.

I had a simple birthday celebration planned by my Boyfriend and we started off at Rockstar store (which is my current workplace as a visual merchandiser and occasionally assisting as a stylist). If you had not already know, Rockstar Singapore is currently having a major warehouse sale up to 90% off at 22 Orchard. The sale will end on 22 March, so do grab as much thrifted deals as you can before it's over! After shopping, I arrived at Potato Head Folk hamburger restaurant which occupied an old heritage shop house. Knowing that I like things to be laid-back and relaxing, I was brought up to the roof top to enjoy a bohemian oasis ambience that give the vibe of a tropical vacation, similar to when I was in Bali. We had a hearty meal with scrumptious burgers and refreshing cocktails. And I was surprised with a new wallet by my favourite brand, Marc by Marc Jacobs! It's classic and it's something that I really need! 

Though it was a simple celebration, I'm thankful for everything that my boyfriend had done for me. And being 23, I ought to be more sensible and be brave to face more challenges in time to come! However, age is not something that will deter me to be young at heart! So in terms of fashion and styling, I will still continue to be a 90s kid!

So let's get things a little upbeat, here's a song by tUnE-yArDs, Water Fountain!


  1. Happy birthday! Love the pictures


  2. Happy belated Birthday! Looks like you had fun!

  3. Happy birthday beautiful!
    This hair colour looks great on you!:)


  4. you look fab! Love the unif dress (and unif) and I got lost in that area last march haha! Makes me wanna go to singapore again :) xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

    1. Heehee come back again! I will help you do some fab shoots! <3
      xoxo <3

  5. Happy Birthday jess! Love the white dress, UNIF defintey has some really cute stuff. Enjoy your birthday girl xx
    love -

  6. Happy Birthday for the other day! you look fab

  7. Happy birthday pretty girl! I'm turning 23 this year too! LOL. Btw, your shoes are rad!

    Lime & Life

  8. Happy Birthday! I'm 25 and feeling so old rn haha.
    I love UNIF but it is sooo expensive :(

    1. Let's all be young at heart!!! Age will not determine us <3
      Yes UNIF is soooo expensive T^T...

  9. Happy birth day!! Your hair looks super gorgeous and hope you had an amazing day!

    xxx from Tokyo

  10. Happy birthday! Love the shoes xo


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