Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Running Wild

Oversized Shirt ∆ Grandchild (A local boutique that I used to work in as a part timer during school days) 
Skirt ∆ River Island (Find More Here)
Rebel Bralette  ∆ Bershka (Find More Here)
Shoes ∆ Vans (Find More Here)
Socks ∆ Topshop (Find More Here)

As you might have read (from my previous post) that I'm currently on vacation in Bali, here's a quick post of my outfit that I had taken a few days ago. 

I dressed a little more pop today with bright and flashy colours! While experimenting with my hair, I tied two tiny buns up. Kind of reminds me a bit of the Japanese's Shibuya or Harajuku styles. Anyway, I'm really embracing this look as it is more creative to me. Do let me know how you feel about it too!

I will be posting more when I'm back! So stay tuned!

Here's a song for the day! And currently a song that is stuck in my head and I could not stop humming along with the melody - La Sera's Running Wild!


  1. How are you so cool? I love all the blues in this photoset, both in your clothes and in the locations. I'm definitely getting a little bit of the tokyo street style vibes not only because of your hair but also because of those flatforms. Your socks are just my favorite though! I love the pattern and color play. Totally didn't expect the pop of pink under the shirt and ugh its awesome!


    1. Awww thanks dear that's such a great compliment!

  2. Amazing look <3
    Saskia! xo

  3. So cool!!!! You have such a unique style and blog. Love it!

  4. love it so much! it's a perfect outfit. the hairdo suits you a lot. kinda grungey as usual but the tropical bodycon skirt gives it that special touch! xxxx

  5. Your style! <333

    That is all :)



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