Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wednesday Addams goes Modern

Knit top ∆ Topshop (Find Similar Here)
Shirt ∆ Bangkok (Find Similar Here)
Striped Pants ∆ Bangkok (Find Similar Here)
Necklace ∆ Topshop
Sandals ∆ H&M

It was not my initial plan to dress up like Wednesday Addams. Upon stumbling onto some google search, I realised that what I wore was similar to Wednesday's outfit. Since recently the weather is much cooler (mentioned in previous post), I decided to wear a knit sweater over a plain shirt with mini studs on the collar and a skinny striped pants with a sandal to be comfy and easy to walk around. Anyway, I'm back to my previous graphic design job in blanct agency for a two weeks freelancing. (Do check out their website as I was part of the team to do up the concept of the website.)

Well since my dressing for the day is similar to Wednesday Friday Addams, from The Addams Family, I decided to braid my hair and try to make the braiding stay without securing it with a rubberband and took some pictures and selfies with it. As I was born in the 90s, The Addams Family film was my all time favourite! And of cos Wednesday is my obsession! To be reminded that the film was screen on TV again and again for a few years in the 90s till early 00s really made me miss those days. How nostalgic is that?

Here's some of the Best of Wednesday Addams portrayed by Christina Ricci!
Do let me know if I resembles her!


  1. Love your striped pants and ombre braids:)

  2. This is literally the best recreation and modernization of Wednesday I have seen to date. Get it girl!

  3. awesomeee, even before i read the caption I thought yay wednesday style. this is perfect, one of my fav looks so far! (and I have got the same pants ;) aaaand you still can dip dye your hair ;) xx

    1. Awwww thank you!!!
      Striped pants are awesome!!! Yeah will try to dye again haha!

  4. aww you look so adorable! i love the braids on you! such a great outfit... as always :D

    Owlish Dreams || Lifestyle & Fashion Blog

  5. So in love with this look! and your hair is wow mixed with want
    ✄ blog

  6. I like your look more Wednesday Addams... even though she is my fave from the Addams family :)


  7. LOVE this! So cool and I really loved Addams Family when I was a kid haha so it's really nostalgic. I love that you modernized it!


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