Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#SGNIGHTFEST - Singapore Night Festival, Art Appreciation

Sweater with mini Studs ∆ Zara (Find Similar as mine's considered vintage)
Nude Cross Hosiery ∆ Aliexpress
Shoes ∆ Jeffrey Campbell (Find More)
Socks ∆ Topshop (Find More)

Since young, I've always had that tendency to be more avant-garde and literally more creepy in a way. That's not something to be fearful of! I'm just embracing the dark looks. Contrary to belief that it might be related to satanic occult, I'm a total free spirit that simply loves dark fashion. Guess you might be tired of me saying this, but again, since the weather is getting cooler, I'm able to put on my sweater that I had bought four years ago! I'm very proud to say that I'm still able to fit into them and this sweater with mini studs will never go out of trend. Well, how can studs go out of trend? They are the most badass fashion accessories in history that had ever been invented! To match it with my cool sweater, I wore a pantyhose with two big crosses smacked right on the knee and my usual studded boots with a pair of halloween "bloody" socks. 

As a graphic designer myself, I have always been into arts other than fashion. To me, fashion, fine arts, design and music come under a big family of ARTS. They serve the same purpose in their own individual ways. It's all about expressing your creativity and emotion that make every art piece unique. I'm glad that Singapore Night Festival is held annually to showcase local and intentional talents in all forms.

Here's the recap of the amazing Night Festival!

It's a festival that is held once a year and I'm glad to be able to explore different museums. Appreciating different kind of arts and witnessing captivating music performances. If you had missed it last week, do head down to the final week of the Festival on 29 and 30 August from 7pm till 2am! I'm sure you will have fun museum-hopping and do not forget to hashtag #madeforsam when instagram-ing your photos to get print outs of your experiences from the museums!

Do check out more of the festival's schedules here,


  1. I feel exactly the same sometimes. I just tend to lean towards dark aesthetics when I'm in the mood and a lot of people interpret that as a personality change. It's really interesting the way people's perception of you changes based on what you wear. Absolutely love both the outfits and the amazing photos you have documenting this event. Definitely wish I was in Singapore so I could attend.


    1. Hi Dear!
      Yeah I totally get you! When I was wearing this outfit above to the festival, people are staring at me like "wassup" haha. But I could not care less as long as I'm comfortable in them :) Thanks for loving my photos! Probably next year you can try to come to Singapore to attend the next Night Fest!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi! Thanks for you compliment!
      No the stockings are bought online.

  3. You have such a unique sense of style. I love the grunge vibe! Best of luck with your blog!



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