Wednesday, July 23, 2014

May the Force be with You - Vans X Star Wars

Cap ∆ A From Korea (A gift from friend)
Bandana ∆ Vans Star Wars Freebie from purchases
Oversized Star Wars Tee ∆ H&M
Black Cardigan ∆ FemmeX
Shoe Black ∆ Vans Classic
Shoe Star War ∆ Vans Star Wars
Bag ∆ Bangkok

VANS X STAR WARS has finally released! 
I dressed myself up with an oversized Star Wars tee and a pair of Vans sneakers and I'm ready for the event. I brought along my badass bag with a 'PARENTAL ADVISORY' print smack right on the front of the bag. 

The event is held at Vans' store and mascots of Star Wars characters were invited under the team 501st Legion. I enjoyed myself by taking lots of photos with Darth Vader and Storm Trooper. By adding #vans_singapore, I can instantly get my photos printed out on a card. There were Freebies given when you buy anything from the Star Wars collection. I'm proud to say that I had bought a pair of kids Darth Vader slip-ons which I am able to fit in! I have gotten a Storm Trooper Bandana, and Star Wars characters as a box of sweets packaged in a mini Vans shoes box as my freebies!

After getting my shoes, I can't wait to put it on together with the Storm Trooper Bandanna to match them with my Star Wars tee!

If you're a fan of Star Wars, do head down to their stores and get your favourite pair of shoes!

Last but not least, most of my accessories wore, even my lipstick are from my best friend who had gotten them all from her Korea vacation!

Here's a song for my day.

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